Welcome to the Professional Dutch Language Courses

for Singaporeans (& other residents of Singapore)


The reason why you visit this website could be that:


1. You need to apply for a MVV (Long-Term Visa application for Holland) and you are seeking professional training in order to pass the Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad.

2. You are engaged / married to a Dutch or Belgian partner, and your aim is to get a Dutch passport or you just like to be able to speak Dutch with your in-laws and spouse.

3. You have been studying Dutch before, and you would like to maintain or further improve your Dutch language skills and proceed to the next NT2 level.

4. You are going to study or work in The Netherlands or Belgium. Its a good idea to learn how to speak some Dutch before you travel to Europe. Indeed, you will enjoy your stay so much more, and you will be really independent once you are able to converse in Dutch!

5. You are working for a Dutch or Belgian company located in Singapore, or you are dealing with companies in Holland or Belgium. Therefore, you have a keen interest in learning how to converse and correspond in Dutch.

6. You aim to move from Singapore to Holland or Belgium, and you like to prepare yourself well for that.

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Sceneries in Holland and Belgium

can be truly beautiful.



In all these cases, you have found the right place

to learn Dutch in an effective and affordable way!


Below please find more information about our language teacher.

Speaking Dutch with your in-laws greatly promotes family-bonding !

For our Beginners Course

(24 Evening Classes for Adults)

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For our Dutch Crash Course

(12 Private Lessons for Adults)

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On the 5th of October, 2009,

State Courts of Singapore

have appointed Matthieu Quere

to be the official Dutch interpreter

during Court Procedures and as translator

for the Singapore Police Force.

In December 2005, MediaCorp has invited Matthieu Quere to teach Singaporean top-actress Zoe Tay how to pronounce some of the script lines of sitcom The Perfect Wife in correct Dutch.


Invited by the National University of Singapore, Matthieu Quere has conducted a Dutch Language & Culture Workshop at the NUS premises on February 17th, 2006.

This workshop was called Smoke Your Way Through in Holland.

It provided Singaporean students with just enough relevant information in order to enable them to smoke their way through, showing off what they obviously know about Holland & the Dutch language

♫ ♫

Click on each word: Laat je zoon studeren (Leidsch Studenten Cabaret)


Why learning Dutch?


Holland and Belgium are very enjoyable countries to stay in, be it just for a holiday, for studying, or as a place where you can work for some time, or even get married and settle down.


Apart from the fact that the government in The Netherlands has implemented a set of strict immigration rules (such as a mandatory Dutch language test for foreigners) it would be good anyway if you would understand some Dutch.


Many of our students, who are engaged or married to a Dutch or Belgian partner, really want to be able to converse in Dutch, especially with their in-laws. Usually not because they have to, but they simply enjoy to do so.


Although nearly all Dutch and Belgian people know how to speak English quite well, a huge advantage of learning some Dutch is that you will be able to make sense of what these people around you are actually saying to each other in Dutch.


Because no matter how fluently nearly everyone from Holland and Belgium speaks English, and no matter how hospitable they all are, they will definitely not converse in English all the time... (at least not with each other)...


It will be clear to you that you will enjoy your stay in The Netherlands or in Belgium so much more if you would understand at least some Dutch.


A typical nuisance many Singaporeans experience before they eventually sign up for one of our courses is that they usually get quite annoyed at times whenever they are visiting in-laws or friends in northern Europe: in spite of the fact that Dutch people and Belgians really enjoy to converse in English, it occurs many times that Singaporeans have no idea what their in-laws or friends are talking about. This simply happens whenever the European hosts accidentally forget about their Singaporean guest.


Well, such things just happen, and you cant blame anyone for it, since it can be quite tiring sometimes to converse in a foreign language day in day out. There are certain moments people actually prefer to switch to their own mother tongue.


You can tackle this problem by taking our full Beginners Course (24 lessons) or our Basic Course (12 lessons). Just think of it: you will better understand all kinds of jokes you get to hear in Holland and Belgium, so you will finally get to know why people are having such a good laugh, instead of having to guess.

You can check if people are actually gossiping about you ;-)


Plus: you can buy anything you like in local shops or restaurants without having to point your finger at things, and best of all: you can talk back to the Dutch and Belgians, which will compel lots of admiration!


Well, these are just some advantages! In other words: being able to speak and understand some Dutch simply ensures your independency!


Most importantly: your in-laws will really appreciate the efforts you make while learning Dutch, and they will definitely further encourage you.


This will be great for your family bonding too! It will be a very satisfying experience when you notice the benefits of your hard work.


Its worth the effort! Sign up for one of our Dutch courses today!


Call Language Course Coordinator

Dais Chan (9684 0356) to find out more.




I need to sit for my MVV exam (Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad).


Can I learn Dutch all by myself?


You, or your Dutch partner, may have purchased the package Naar Nederland, which has been created as a multi-media tool in order to learn and practise the Dutch language in general.


The package contains no less than 65 chapters, which is a lot to digest.


After some initial attempts to start learning Dutch, many students find it quite difficult to proceed without professional help from an experienced, native Dutch language teacher.


They simply like to have proper feedback and guidance from someone, who is familiar with typical difficulties students often experience while trying to learn the Dutch language, like:


how to recognise Dutch sounds and words (listening skills)


how to recognise correct Dutch spelling during the multiple choice test of the new Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad (a combination of listening and reading skills)


how to pronounce diphthongs and other vowel pairs, combined with consonants, which requires specific pronunciation techniques with lips and tongue, correctly positioned against palatum and teeth


difficult grammar issues


remembering confusing words while learning vocabulary



It is hard to learn this all by yourself, and even if your Dutch partner would really try to help, you might get quite frustrated many times. Why? Dutch partners are often not able to explain in a structured way how Dutch grammar, spelling and pronunciation works. Its just because they simply grew up using Dutch all the time, without realising how things actually work.


It also happens that Dutch partners become a bit impatient after some time, usually because of their busy work schedule.


Trying to explain things can be very frustrating for Dutch partners as well. For instance, if your partner is not familiar with specific techniques, required to pronounce Dutch vowel combinations correctly, he or she will not know how to explain things to you effectively.


No wonder: if your Dutch partner does not understand why something, which is so very obvious to him or her, is not at all obvious to you, it is of course very hard for your partner to recognise the underlying misunderstandings.


Only an experienced Dutch language teacher (who is professionally trained in transferring knowledge, and who knows all about many common misunderstandings) will be able to help you quickly and effectively.


Conclusion: help of Dutch partners is usually not very effective. This is no wonder, since they are used to their mother tongue from very young, and it is therefore such a natural thing to them, that they do not realise how difficult it can be to explain difficult grammar issues and pronunciation techniques to people who are not familiar with the Dutch language.


Students also need to be able to recognise Dutch spelling (listening skills) and they need to understand how Dutch sentences are built in the correct following word-order.


In the Naar Nederland package, Dutch grammar lessons are not available, and there are no guidelines with regard to how to build a Dutch sentence in the correct following order of words.


Completing Dutch sentences on your own


One of the most important questions is whether you will be able to create your own Dutch sentences fast and correctly without any help of a professional Dutch language teacher. It is good to realise that you will need to complete many Dutch sentences on your own during the (new) Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad (for MVV), and everything you are saying will be assessed by a human being (no longer by a speech-analyzing computer system, like it was previously).


Create your own Dutch sentences with confidence


Learning Dutch sentences from the Naar Nederland book by heart wont help you in any way, since you need to create a brand new, logical second half of each new sentence on the spot, while speaking into a microphone. The computer-generated beginning of all sentences you will need to complete are always different for every individual test, so there is really nothing you could learn by heart other than the Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNS) test.


This means that you not only need to master sufficient Dutch vocabulary, but you must also be confident enough to create your own sentences in Dutch, finding suitable words in the correct following order within just a few seconds.


Well, this is exactly what we have been teaching all of our Beginners Students since 2003, how to build your own Dutch sentences in the correct word-order (with lots of confidence).


We guarantee that you will be confident enough during your Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad if you sign up with us. If you decide to do so, you will pass with great results.


The textbook of the package Naar Nederland is quite comprehensive, and you may not know how to select the relevant parts from these 65 Dutch lessons. Leave this to us, we know exactly which parts are truly relevant in order to pass your Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad.


In fact, the best thing you could do is to sign up for either our NT2-A1 Beginners Course for groups (S$70/- per lesson), or for our private MVV Training Course (S$120/- per lesson).


We have all necessary multi-media tools available for you; plus tons of targeted study material and many trial exams to map out your progress within 20 hours of individual training or group lessons.


For all of these teaching aids, we require a one-time payment of S$50/- in addition to the course fees, which comes to a grand total of

10 x S$120/- = S$1,200/-

plus S$50/- = S$1,250/-


Group lessons are possible, provided there are sufficient MVV applicants available at that time to form small group.


Our expertise will pull you through, and if you would opt for private lessons, our Dutch language teacher will be sitting next to you for 2 hours per session for personal coaching!


We have been conducting Beginners Courses in Singapore since 2003, and MVV Training Courses since 2006, (which was the year the Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad came into effect). We are very familiar with all specific problems South-East Asians experience while learning Dutch.


Listening skills.


You must also thoroughly train your listening skills, in order to be able to understand the questions, the first half of sentences and to match correct spelling against the correctly pronounced words during a multiple choice exam.


It is very important to spend much time on adequate training of your listening and pronunciation skills, and we are here to help you.


There is no need to be nervous!


You will agree with us that it is quite hard to focus well during your exam if you would feel very nervous. And if you cant focus well, your results will (of course) not be the best.


As experienced, professional teachers, we know exactly how to coach you adequately in order to prevent any form of nervousness. Because nervousness and tension can simply be prevented by preparing yourself very well.


Call us at 9684 0356; we simply guarantee you will pass with much confidence and great results, like all of our other students!


With our brand new, computer-aided audio-visual practical, we are now fully prepared to meet the new, strict requirements. We guarantee that you will pass with great results.


See you at our Civic Integration Training Course!



Matthieu Quere, enjoying sailing in Singapore. Many Dutch love to sail in summer, and skate in winter.









There is not that much wind here, compared to Holland, but there are certainly nice and breezy days.

Singaporean Actress

Zoe Tay

NT2 teacher

Matthieu Quere

Course Co-ordinator

Dais Chan

Our student Shikin and her Dutch partner, happily married!


95% of our students are Asian females; partners of Dutch managers, working and residing in Singapore on a temporary basis.

Dutch (NT2) Beginners Group at Kingsfield Education Centre

2005: our first Dutch NT2 Study Centre

at Carpenter Street

Teaching at the National University of Singapore

On the 25th of January, 2013, teacher

Matthieu Quere & Course Coordinator Dais Chan were invited to meet Her Majesty Queen Beatrix and Royal Highnesses Prince Willem-Alexander & Princess Maxima on the occasion of the Dutch State Visit to Singapore.



January 8th, 2024

(Monday evening)

NT2 (Dutch as Second Language)


(NB:You can still join this group up to 2 weeks after this starting date and fully catch-up with our complementary catch-up class.)


If you simply like to learn Dutch

starting from scratch,

please read this column.


This evening course (12 lessons of 2 hours), in order to reach NT2 level A1, will be conducted on every Monday evening

from 7.30pm to 9.30pm


We conduct our classes at

Kingsfield Education Centre,

Orchard Road 150 (Orchard Plaza,

(opp. Orchard Central), classroom #08-07.


Course fees:


S$70/- per group lesson of 2 hours

plus a one-time payment of S$140/-

for all teaching aids (textbook, online access to multimedia files, work sheets and hand-outs in PDF format)


Please call our Course Coordinator

Dais Chan (9684 0356) for further information, reservation of your seat.


What can you expect from

this Beginners course?


After 3 months, you will have reached the required language proficiency level (NT2-A1), necessary to pass the Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad in Singapore (for MVV visa).


You will increase your initial Dutch vocabulary to approx.1,200 most commonly used words (to start with).


Plus, thanks to our smart sentence building diagram, you will be able to form your very own Dutch sentences in a 100% correct following order of words, which is the necessary first step towards being able to successfully converse in Dutch.


Please note that next to our Beginners classes, we also provide online, hands-on training courses to help you to prepare yourself thoroughly for your Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad (=MVV-exam).


All of our past MVV course participants, who have combined our Beginners Course with this additional preparatory MVV course, have passed their Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad at the Dutch Embassy in Singapore with very high marks (even with full marks for some) thanks to lots of confidence.


For those, who would like to continue with the next round of our Beginners Course (in order to reach NT2 level A2), it is possible to sign up for another 3 months of classes right after the elementary A1-course.


NT2-A2 is the required proficiency level, necessary to pass the so called Inburgering-exam, to be taken in The Netherlands (which is the major Civic Integration Exam in order to achieve either Dutch permanent residence or Dutch citizenship (naturalisation).


Please do not confuse this major Civic Integration Exam with the (minor) Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad for MVV, which exam you need to take at the Dutch Embassy in Singapore, being the necessary exam in order to get a (temporary) entry permit for The Netherlands.


In other words, after passing your Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad for MVV, called the Basisexamen Inburgering Buitenland in Dutch, you still need to pass the Civic Integration Exam in The Netherlands (within 3 years from the day of entry to The Netherlands), called the Inburgeringexamen in Dutch. So an MVV is just the beginning, and not the end of your Dutch integration process.


For those, who are interested in preparing themselves thoroughly for the (major) Inburgering-exam (for Dutch Permanent Resident status or Naturalisation, we provide additional (hands-on) preparatory training courses with regard to reading, writing, listening and speaking, plus KNM training (called Kennis van de Nederlandse Maatschappij, meaning Knowledge of Dutch Society) plus ONA training (called Orientatie op de Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt, meaning Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market).


Please click here to see an example of the kind of ONA portfolio (ONA-cards) you need to complete. During our ONA Practical Training Sessions, we can show you 4 real examples (filled out completely) you can use when you will be drafting your own ONA portfolio with our help.


For our in-depth KNM Training Sessions, we are using the highly praised Welkom in Nederland- textbook

<<< see illustration on the left <<<

<<< just below the NUS logo <<<

plus attached multi-media files.

Please click here and click here to view two examples of the kind of things you need to know for your KNM exam.



But first things first:

Registration for our

new Beginners Course

on Monday evenings

(in January 2024, NT2 level A1)

is now open.

Registration will be possible up to two weeks after the first lesson.

(Full catch-up classes (2 hrs) for missed lessons

will be provided).




Please call or SMS our

course coordinator Dais Chan

(9684 0356) for further information.



Course fees: S$70/- per group lesson of 2 hours

plus a one-time payment of S$140/-

for all teaching aids


These teaching aids, comprising of a text book, unlimited access to our online multimedia teaching aids, plus vocabulary & grammar worksheets / hand-outs) will be used for both our initial NT2-A1 course and our subsequent (optional) NT2-A2 course.


The first part of our Beginners Course comprises of

12 lessons in order to master the basics of the Dutch language (NT2 level A1). We will be focusing on the 4 elements of the Dutch language: reading (pronunciation and comprehension), listening skills (comprehension), writing skills (correct Dutch sentence building) and speaking (conversational skills)


12 lessons x S$70/- = S$840/- plus S$140/- for all teaching aids = a total of S$980 /- for our NT2-A1 language course.


We are providing you with highly effective NT2 teaching aids, which are used by all professional language schools, universities and NT2 training institutes in The Netherlands, which means that our lessons will seamlessly connect to any NT2 course you would take once you are living in The Netherlands.


After the initial 12 lessons (leading to NT2 level A1), you are free to decide whether you would like to proceed with the next round of 12 lessons in order to reach NT2 level A2.


Both our A1 and A2 course (24 lessons of 2 hours in total) form our complete Beginners Course, but it is not mandatory to sign up for both parts.


For instance, those students who are already familiar with the Dutch language in some way, could decide to skip the A1 part and straightaway enrol in the second part of our Beginners Course (leading to NT2 proficiency level A2).



More about our Dutch language courses


Since 2003, we have been conducting 3 to 4 professional Dutch Beginners Courses per year in Singapore (group size varying from a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 23.


12 consecutive group lessons (of 2 hours each) will be conducted by our professional, native Dutch Language Teacher Matthieu Quere (BA, CEFR-NT2),

who has built up lots of experience in Singapore, teaching Dutch as Second Language (NT2) to Asian students during the past 18 years.


Structure of our

Beginners Course


We will be focusing on reading, writing, listening and speaking. You will be learning lots of vocabulary with the help of our professional NT2 textbook, plus a variety of multi-media teaching aids, worksheets and hand-outs (with instructions in English)


Within only a couple of weeks, our students already know how to make their very first Dutch sentences in a 100% correct word order, thanks to our smart sentence building diagram!


Students are always very enthusiastic

about this handy tool.


We also use crystal clear diagrams on how to pronounce Dutch consonants, vowels, combined vowels and diphthongs, demonstrating the obvious logic of it, and specifically designed for Asian students.


Together with lots of tips and tricks, our unique system will help you to master perfect Dutch pronunciation in the shortest possible time.


Since both sentence building and pronunciation become very logical to you within the first month of your course, you will be even more motivated to continue learning Dutch after that.


Learning Dutch with us becomes a real breeze, provided you will study hard and diligently master your Dutch vocabulary.


Here in Singapore, we provide additional on-line multimedia support, such as handy Dutch grammar videos, on-line vocabulary training plus intonation and pronunciation training.


You can use your mobile device to learn Dutch with us, anywhere, anytime!


If you would like to register, please contact our Course Coordinator Dais Chan (9684 0356) or click here to read more about our new Beginners Course.




Are you planning to take the State Exam Nederlands als Tweede Taal (NT2)

as smart replacement of

the Inburgering-examen?


It is good to know that by taking the NT2 State Exam (either I or II), you will be exempted from taking the Major Inburgerings-exam in The Netherlands. However, please note that since July 1st, 2015, an additional condition has been implemented. Next to the State Exam, you also need to pass the additional KNM test (Kennis van de Nederlandse Maatschappij = Knowledge of Dutch Society) and hand over a mini-portfolio (ONA = Orientatie op de Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt = Orientation Dutch Labour Market).


After doing so, you will be entitled to get your PR status or Dutch passport (however, conditions apply with regard to the number of years you must have lived together with your Dutch partner).


A huge benefit of taking the NT2 State Exam I or II instead of the standard Inburgering-exam is that you will have a much better starting position at the Dutch labour market, since you will have reached NT2-level B1 (NT2 State Exam I) or NT2-level B2 (NT2 State Exam II).


Mind you, once you would have passed only the standard Inburgering-exam, you would have reached just NT2 beginners level A2. Dutch employers, who are offering well-paying jobs, dont regard NT2 level A2 as satisfactory Dutch language proficiency. They require at least NT2-level B1, which is equivalent to Dutch language proficiency at polytechnic level. NT2-level B2 is equivalent to proficiency at university level.


In other words, taking the NT2 State Exam will increase your chances on the Dutch job market, especially with regard to higher management positions.


Passing NT2 State Exam II is also a requirement for those who would like to study at one of the Dutch universities.


So if you have higher ambitions than (e.g). becoming a janitor, baby-sitter, security guard or housewife in The Netherlands, you could better straightaway prepare yourself for taking the NT2 State Exam I (level B1) or NT2 State Exam II (level B2) instead of wasting your time (and money) on the far less relevant Inburgering Examen.


After you have finished your full Beginners Course (A1A2), we can help you to fully prepare yourself right here in Singapore with us at PDLC for your NT2 State Exam (level I or II).


IMPORTANT: you will first need to reach NT2 level A2 before you can enroll in our NT2 State Exam training course, which means that you will need to finish our full Beginners Course first (NT2 level A1 + A2 = 24 weeks in total). If you would like to enroll in our NT2 State Exam training course without being part of one of our Beginner groups, you will first need to take our NT2 assessment test, based on which we will further advise you.


So when you take our State Exam Training course, you will start from NT2 level A2 and reach NT2 level B1 (Intermediate level), which is the required level for taking the NT2-State Exam I. If you aim to take the NT2 State Exam II, you will need to continue with our B2 course after that, in order to reach NT2 level B2 (Advanced level).


Once you have passed your NT2 State Exam (I or II) plus your KNM and ONA tests, you will be regarded as already sufficiently integrated in Dutch society, which means that you will also be able to apply for PR or a Dutch passport without further requirements other than a minimum number of years you must have lived together with your Dutch partner (currently 3 years in Singapore or 5 years in The Netherlands.

> Please note that the Dutch government has plans to increase this number of years to a minimum of 7 years before you will receive your Dutch passport.


We are offering preparatory lessons for (intermediate) NT2 level B1, which is the required proficiency level for the NT2 State Exam I, plus (advanced) NT2 level B2, which is the required proficiency level for the NT2 State Exam II.


Next to preparatory lessons, we provide intensive NT2 State Exam training, using real exams from recent years, to see if you are ready to take the exam.


The only thing you need to do after your NT2 State Exam training in Singapore is traveling to Holland for just a few days in order to take your exam there, since the Dutch government does NOT allow the NT2 State Exams to be taken anywhere else.


The NT2 State Exam consist of four parts (lezen, luisteren, spreken & schrijven). You can spread these NT2 State Examination Sessions over two or even more days. You can book each of the four parts of the exam (listening, reading, writing and speaking) on different days, or you can combine 2 + 2 on two consecutive days.


Please note that there is no way you can take all four parts of the NT2 State Exam on just one day. It will be at least two days. For more information with regard to the NT2 State Exam, please click here


By the way, you do not need to pass the NT2 State Exam I before you can sit for the NT2 State Exam II. Taking NT2 State Exam I or II is simply a choice you need to make. This choice is very simple: if you aim to get a higher management position or if you would like to study at one of the Dutch universities, you need to prepare yourself for taking the NT2 State Exam II. However, if you are fine with a less challenging type of job, or if you would like to study at one of the Dutch polytechnic institutes or any vocational training institutes, passing the NT2 State Exam I will do.


Please note that whatever you have started with us here in Singapore will never be wasted if you are planning to move to Holland any time soon, since we are using the same teaching aids, the same official NT2 State Exams of past years (to practise with), and the same NT2 teaching methods, so your course in Singapore will always seamlessly connect to any similar professional NT2 course in The Netherlands you might take later.


Please call or SMS our

course coordinator Dais Chan

(9684 0356) to register,

or for further information.



Pass your MVV exam with flying colours !


From the moment we started with our specific MVV Training Courses in 2006, all of our course participants (468, until the 15th of July, 2020) have passed the Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad with ease.


Our students, who have been combining our basic Dutch Beginners Course (3 months) with our hands-on MVV Training Sessions even scored very high marks!


Pass your KNS, Luistervaardigheid-test and Leesvaardigheid-test with great results as well. With us, you will quickly build up lots of self-confidence.


Use this web-link to read all about the requirements.


Dont get confused: the elaborate Civic Integration Exam (Inburgering-examen, a test which will take 4 hours in total to complete) is not the same as the much simpler Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad (which test only takes 1 hour to complete). For more information about the Inburgering-exam, please click here.


The difference is the addition abroad. You have to take the Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad in Singapore before you can apply for an MVV.


This MVV is just a temporary entry ticket and therefore not the same as a PR status.


In order to obtain your PR status or Dutch passport, you normally need to sit for a second, comprehensive exam called Inburgering-examen (= Civic Integration Exam without the additions basic and abroad) once you are settled in The Netherlands, but like we said above, taking this exam is not necessary if you opt for taking the NT2 State Exam instead, plus the KNM and ONA exams.


You can rest assured that you will score well in The Netherlands if you have fully prepared yourself with us.


Click on the Cito logo on top of this web page, to read more about the NT2 State Exam (in Dutch).


The Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad is always mandatory. Some nationalities in this part of the world are exempted from taking the MVV exam (due to a special treaty), namely Japanese, Koreans and Australians, but such treaty is not applicable to any South-East Asian nationality such as Singaporeans, Malaysians, Indonesians,Thai and Vietnamese.


One thing can never be avoided: every South-East Asian, who would like to settle in The Netherlands has to sit for the Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad at the Dutch Embassy unless certain exemptions (by law) apply. (You can click here to read all about the exemptions).


Please be aware that by taking the NT2 State Exam I or II, you will not be exempted from taking the Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad = Basisexamen Inburgering Buitenland (for MVV) if the above mentioned exemptions do not apply to your situation.


It also works the other way around: those immigrants who initially do not need to take the Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad (for MVV), such as Australians, New Zealanders, Japanese and South-Koreans, will still need to take the (major) Civic Integration Exam (for PR or Naturalisation) in The Netherlands, unless they would opt for taking the NT2 State Exam I or II instead (plus KNM + ONA exams)


An exception to all of the above-mentioned rules is made only for citizens from within the EEA (European Economic Area), and for Swiss nationals. Only such immigrants have no obligation whatsoever to integrate in Dutch society (Inburgering)


Our handy sentence building diagram


In combination with our on-line multimedia support, we will present our unique Dutch Sentence Building Diagram, which enables you to build your own Dutch sentences in a guaranteed perfect word-order, so you will not only build up a vocabulary of 2,500 most commonly used Dutch words in time, but you will quickly understand how Dutch sentences are built, which means that you will also be able to converse in proper Dutch in the shortest possible time, provided you focus well on mastering your Dutch vocabulary.


Therefore, all of our Beginners Group students already know how to form their very own correct sentences in Dutch after completing the first round of 12 lessons (24 hours).


We use this tried and tested sentence building diagram, developed by us, in order to make Dutch sentence building & grammar a very simple, clear and truly satisfying experience.


This is important, because the moment you know how to build your first Dutch sentences correctly, everything will make much more sense to you. And that will ensure lots of motivation regarding the rest of your course.


Joining one of our Beginners Groups is also a great opportunity for all participants, since they have a chance to get to know many new people with the same interest and similar plans!


Most of our students are planning to settle in The Netherlands, and many of them have found a friend for life in some of their classmates in Singapore. It is truly enjoyable to see that there is so much interest in South-East Asia in the Dutch language.


We would like to thank all of our present and former students for their great enthusiasm and support!


All of our courses comply with the requirements of the CEFR-NT2* = Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

set by the Council of Europe.

Please click here for CEFR info.


*International Standard for

Education Quality Management

Dutch as Second Language (NT2)

Learning, Teaching, Assessment (NT2)

Matthieu Quere (BA, CEFR-NT2, The Netherlands)

Native Dutch Language Teacher

Publicist / Journalist / Author


Matthieu has built up lots of experience as a professional NT2

Dutch Language teacher for foreigners, initially in

The Netherlands (1998), and since 2003 in Singapore.


His name is French, because Matthieu is a (far) descendant of

the Huguenots, who moved from France to The Netherlands

in the 17th century. However, you can rest assured:

Matthieu is your quintessential, true-blooded Dutchman, born in 1960 in Apeldoorn. He has studied Law in The Netherlands, and for many years, he has been active as a journalist, working for a Dutch daily newspaper.


Matthieu is author of a Dutch (WW-II) history book, and

as owner of AllWrite Text & Media Productions in Holland

(founded in 1995), he has been actively involved in

advertising copywriting, creating Dutch video productions,

commercial product presentations, corporate brochures

and press releases for a wide range of Dutch companies.


In the year 2000, Matthieu decided to relocate AllWrite

to Singapore, where the government had created

promising opportunities for creative foreign talents.


He decided to start developing multimedia teaching aids in

Singapore, which activity seamlessly connects to his work

as a teacher.


After living and teaching in Singapore for so many years now, Matthieu knows exactly how to tackle specific difficulties South-East Asians experience in their efforts to master the Dutch language (such as pronunciation issues or challenging Dutch sentence building). He has found effective ways to help Singaporeans and other residents of Singapore to tackle such difficulties.

Our Beginners Course Participants (2015) are

proudly showing their Certificate of Completion.

Kingsfield Education Centre, 150 Orchard Road #08-07


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Click on the above CITO logo for more information (in Dutch) about the Dutch State Exam NT2 level B1/B2 (= intermediate level)

When you prepare yourself with us at PDLC, we guarantee that you will pass these NT2 exams. We will help you all the way to reach your goal.

A 'NT2 State Exam II Diploma' will ensure access to Dutch universities. It will also enable you to successfully apply for a higher management position. A NT2 State Exam I diploma will ensure access to Dutch Vocational Education, if that is what you are aiming for.

With a NT2 State Exam I or II Diploma, you don't need to take the Dutch Integration Exam for Permanent Residency or for Naturalisation. You only need to sit for the (additional) Dutch Society Test 'KNM' and hand over your 'ONA' (=mini portfolio regarding study & work experience.

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