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Mastering sufficient Dutch to pass this Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad.


1. The Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad exists of 3 elements: Knowledge of Dutch Society, Knowledge of the Dutch Language and Comprehensive Reading. You need to learn all 100 questions and answers of the section Knowledge of Dutch Society by heart. So far, all of our students found this the easiest part, so we are very confident that it will be the same experience for you. Therefore, we will focus much more on learning the Dutch language (special focus on pronunciation)

2. With the help of a set of professional teaching aids, specially developed for foreigners (by experienced Dutch linguists), we will train you thoroughly to fully prepare you and boost your confidence. We will optimise your pronunciation, train your listening skills, vocabulary and simple sentence building and we continuously assess your progress.

3. All of our students who have taken the Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroadination in Singapore have passed the exam. So will you, if you follow our guidelines carefully and work diligently.


to know.

Once you sit for your oral MVV exam, you are not only expected to be able to understand spoken Dutch, but you must also be able to answer questions, build (simple) Dutch sentences, pronounce Dutch words properly, and complete Dutch sentences, selecting the correct last couple of words!

You will not be able to do so without an intensive training of your listening skills, pronunciation & vocabulary.

We use professional interactive training tools, specially developed to fully prepare you to pass this MVV test.


You can download this (self-running) example of our opposites training sessions: please click here and check how many Dutch opposites you already know!

January 2007: Cara passed her MVV exam with flying colours !


Click here to read her story !

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