Since 1st April 2011, the Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad has consisted of a Knowledge of Dutch Society test, a Spoken Dutch test (level A1) and a Literacy and Reading Comprehension Skills test (level A1).


As of 1 November 2014 the exam (for those abroad) will change.


The changes primarily lie in the way in which the exam is taken.


Whereas the exam was previously taken by telephone, as of 1 November 2014, it will be taken by computer. This means that the exam questions will be asked in a different way. To be able to properly align with this, the exam components themselves will be renewed. The level of the exam will remain the same.


This also means that the curriculum will remain the same.


The three exam components (reading skills/ speaking skills / knowledge of Dutch society) can be taken at the same time or individually. This means that a candidate doesnt need to take the entire exam all over again if he or she fails to pass an exam component.


- The greater part of the questions will be in the form of multiple-choice questions.


- For the Speaking Skills component the candidate also has to speak in answers. These answers will be assessed by human assessors and not by the computer.


From the 1st of November (2014) onwards, the Civic Integration Exam Abroad for MVV applicants will be significantly revised.


Please find all relevant changes here below.

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