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Clarissas experience with our Dutch Beginners Classes, Private lessons & MVV Training Course.


People say that it is not easy for an adult to learn a new language. And Dutch is obviously not the easiest language to learn. Not easy to speak, not easy to listen to and the grammar is quite different from English. Despite the difficulties, I had interesting and fun moments learning it with Matt. Let me share with you my experience.


I met my fiancée in Aug 2008 and decided to learn his language in early 2009. When I google-ed “learning dutch in Singapore”, there it is on the top of the list: Knowing that I would not apply for MVV immediately, I decided to join Matts basic class in May 2009 which I enjoyed a lot because of his creative and smart teaching style as well as meeting new friends who are “in the same boat”. However, as I am a person who is quite nosey and always have a lot of questions, I decided to take private lessons with Matt. Private lessons were equally fun as I could ask many questions as I needed and at the same time practised speaking more Dutch with Matt.


After about 1.5-year courtship, my fiancée proposed to me in Jul 10 and we decided to tie the knot. We then planned to start the MVV application process in Oct 2010. Upon coming back from my holiday in NL in Aug 10, I called the NL embassy to register for an “inburgering examen” in Sep 10. Alas, the office told me that there would not be any test conducted in Sep 10 as they would be making some changes with it. I called in on 25 Aug 10, which means 6 days away from entering Sep 10. And I did not want to do the test after the changes because I would not have any reference on the new test. So, I panicked!


I quickly called Matt and Dais who were very calm and positive in handling my panic attack. They told me to come over that weekend to have one round of inburgering test training. On Saturday, Matt prepared me by doing some sample tests and giving “tricks” to handle the test, especially for the listening session. He also gave me a complete set of sample test for my own practice. And of course both Matt and Dais gave me lots of encouragement and told me to just be confident in doing the test.


While practising over the weekend, I realized that the one year lesson gave me a stronger basic of Dutch. With the grammar and vocabulary which I learned from the “Groene boek”, I managed to recognize and repeat more words during the listening as well as the opposite word sessions.


With that, I went for the test on the following Saturday. I was nervous of course. But I tried to calm down, be confident, prayed and took a deep breath. And another trick, I closed my eyes which helped me to focus with the test. Half an hour after the test, the result is out. Not just that I passed the test, but I got a good score!!


Thanks to Matt and Dais, not only for the lessons but their encouragement, confidence in me and friendship!



This is how your MVV sticker looks like. If you study really hard with us, (and of course comply with all the rules and regulations of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Department, we guarantee that you will get this sticker!


You will pass if you follow our MVV Training Course.

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