Caras story is a special one.


She called us on New Years Eve, 2006, when other Singaporeans were preparing themselves to welcome the new year with champagne and good cheer.


Cara told us that she needed to sit for her Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad in 10 days time ( ! ) But she was far from ready.


Therefore, she wanted to book a number of consecutive private lessons to be conducted before January 11th. She was even hoping that she could have a private lesson on New Years Day.


We arranged a very exacting training programme. Cara has been learning non-stop. She showed incredible resilience and digested the lessons in a remarkable high pace. On the 11th Cara steadied herself and. she passed the exam with flying colours! ( If you work really hard, you could do the same ! )

Cara & Matthieu after

ten days of hard work...

Text Box: We work with a selection of most effective NT-2 courses, currently used by Regional Education Centers (ROC) in The Netherlands. ROCs are the official institutions in Holland, teaching Dutch as Second Language (NT-2) to immigrants.

Great job !

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