Cost of teaching aids for Beginners Groups:



textbook + access to online multimedia teaching aids S$160/-



No additional charges for teaching aids

(unless you did not purchase the textbook for our NT2-A1 course

because you did not sign up for these initial, elementary lessons)


NB: our NT2-A1 + NT2-A2 course together form our full Beginners Course. You need to reach level A2 in case you need to prepare yourself for the (major) Inburgering-exam for a Dutch passport or PR status, but if you only need to pass the (minor) Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad at the Dutch Embassy in Singapore (for MVV visa), you only need to reach level A1,

which is covered by our elementary NT2-A1 course.


NB: payments made are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Other :


>> Dutch Crash Course :


Textbook: S$140/-

(inclusive of additional hand-outs and printed assignments, plus unlimited access to online multi-media teaching aids)



>> MVV Training Course :

All necessary teaching aids

will be provided by us, so you do not need to purchase anything before you join our course.