With us, catching up is easy.


1. It may happen that you are unable to attend some of our classes due to job commitments, family matters, planned holidays or medical leave, to name a few reasons.

2. Or it can happen that you missed some crucial parts during a lesson (for any reason), or maybe you are still struggling with certain grammar issues or some vocabulary.

3. That is no problem! When this occurs, you can come half an hour earlier on the night of your next lesson, and you will enjoy a private catch-up session of 30 minutes at the teachers desk (10.30am-11am), exclusively for you! The only thing you need to do is to clearly tell the teacher what you are still struggling with, and/or which chapter of your textbook you have missed. You must take the initiative to request the teacher (at 7pm sharp) for a catch-up session.

4. If you like, you can repeat this one week later, in case you feel that you still need a bit more time to catch up. In general, you are always welcome to come half an hour earlier to ask your questions to the teacher, which will prevent that you will ever feel lost in any way!

5. In case you would miss three pre-paid lessons in one row (these are the very strict conditions). we are offering you a value-added service: if this happens, you can make an appointment for a free private catch-up lesson of 90 minutes, at the home address of the teacher @ Jalan Teck Kee. This will be sufficient to fully catch up.


However, please note that our catch-up support is only meant to facilitate catching up, so this value-added service can never be regarded as some kind of credit note for past missed lessons. Therefore, we reserve the right (at all times) to make the final decision regarding any catch-up session.


To start with, the teacher will decide whether a free private lesson of 90 minutes will be awarded to you or not. It will totally depend on the circumstances.


Sometimes, the teacher takes the initiative to offer extra catch-up lessons to the current Beginners group, which means that any student who would be interested is welcome at our multimedia training studio in Serangoon @ Jalan Teck Kee (duration: 120 minutes, free of charge). In such case, a complete group of students will come to ask questions regarding past lessons, thus the teacher will explain things once more in a very clear way. Our students have always been very enthusiastic about this additional opportunity to eliminate some arrears, also because they notice that other students often experience similar struggles. This creates some kind of bond between fellow-students.


Only students, who have paid for the current sequence of 12 classes are entitled to enjoy this and other private catch-up facilities. Please keep in mind that such arrangements are meant as purely value-added service from our side; it has been implemented to ensure that students can continue with the next round of twelve classes without arrears.


So these private lessons and catch-up sessions cannot be regarded as just a free replacement of missed classes you are entitled to at all times, so you can never claim any right.


How to arrange a private catch-up lesson?


You should inform the Course Coordinator (Dais Chan, 9684 0356) about your availability (please provide her with more than one available date and time, if possible). Please be advised that all decisions regarding final planning of any free private catch-up lesson are entirely up to the course coordinator. She will select a date and time in accordance with your availability, and this date and time (once set and mutually confirmed) cannot be changed afterwards.


If you would cancel your free catch-up lesson, irrespective of the reason, there will be no further replacement.


The Course Coordinator can also decide to put another student, or even more than one student (of your group) together with you for the same catch-up session, in case his or her availability would be matching yours.



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