Naturalisation Course


In order to successfully apply for Naturalisation, you will need to pass the Civic Integration Exam in The Netherlands (not to be confused with the (MVV) Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad).


However, you can also sit for your Naturalisation Exam at the Dutch Embassy here in Singapore (only available for non-Singaporeans, please click here to read more about this)...


For this purpose, you can fully prepare yourself with us.


This comprehensive Naturalisation Exam, which will take several hours to complete, comprises of a language test (NT2* proficiency level A2) plus a comprehensive knowledge test regarding Dutch Society).


(* NT2 = Dutch as Second Language)


If you sign up for our private (one-to-one) Naturalisation Course, you will not only reach NT2 proficiency level A2, but we will also teach you everything you need to know regarding the section Knowledge of Dutch Society (Kennis van de Nederlandse Samenleving: Maatschappij-orientatie), with the help of two excellent textbooks for this purpose: Welkom in Nederland and Kom Verder.


We are using the same professional teaching aids like the official Education Centers for Integration in Holland do.


Useful info for Dutch partners:


Please click here to download a useful brochure: “Examen doen voor Inburgering of Naturalisatie; wilt u zich aanmelden voor het Inburgering-examen? In deze folder leest u welke examens er zijn. Ook leest u hoe u de examens kunt doen”.


During one-to-one sessions, we will intensively focus on both subjects: NT2 language training (targeted private lessons to reach NT2 proficiency level A2) and comprehensive social studies, specially developed by Dutch social science professionals to effectively train foreigners, so that they will achieve adequate knowledge of Dutch society.

(These social studies are the second mandatory part of the Dutch Naturalisation test).


You can also decide to take the NT2 State Exam I or II instead of taking the Inburgering-exam or the Naturalisation Exam. It is a great alternative.


For this specific purpose, we have all necessary & up-to-date official NT2 State Exam teaching aids plus NT2 State Exams of previous years available here in Singapore.


This means that you can fully prepare yourself with us and take your official Naturalisation Test at the Dutch Embassy here in Singapore.


Course duration:


This totally depends on the time you can make available for private lessons and study, plus your individual capabilities and learning pace.


Ideally, you will need at least 6 months to prepare yourself adequately, with intensive one-to-one sessions at least twice per week (2 x 2 = 4 hours per week); but lessons 3 times per week (3 x 2 = 6 hours per week) would actually be better.


Please note that this is a quite exacting study program. It all depends on your individual capabilities and learning pace (in terms of comprehension plus absorbing / memorising information). You will need to master both the Dutch language (NT2 level A2) in every aspect: reading, writing, listening, speaking, plus a fair bit of knowledge about Dutch society. Therefore, the more time you can make available for your private lessons, the better it will be.


Please keep in mind that the absolute minimum is 4 hours of lessons per week.


Next to these private sessions, you will need to study very hard (at least 3 hours every day) to be successful in the end.




S$ 110/- per private session of 2 hours


Venue for private lessons:


The teachers private address at Serangoon Green, Jalan Teck Kee, or your own private address. If you opt for the latter possibility, additional charges for transportation cost will be applicable).


Time and dates:


Please call us, or send your SMS / e-mail to discuss your preferred days and time.


Please click here to read more about our

Professional NT2 Training Courses for Naturalisation & permanent residence, Civic Integration Exam (Inburgering), NT2 State Exam I and II

Preparing for Naturalisation means: a lot of hard work !

Text Box: We work with a selection of most effective NT-2 courses, currently used by Regional Education Centers (ROC) in The Netherlands. ROCs are the official institutions in Holland, teaching Dutch as Second Language (NT-2) to immigrants.

Our Social Studies provide answers to questions such as:


How do I get a job in Holland?


How do I open a bank account?


Where should I go in case of legal problems?


How do I find a good General Practitioner?


How do I deal with my neighbours?


Where do I go with my household refuse?

Which tickets do I need for public transport?


What does a bijstandsuitkering (social security) actually mean?

But together, we can move mountains !

Naturalisation Course

(obtaining Dutch Citizenship)

right here in Singapore