Intermediate Group.


 If you have completed our Beginners Course, or if you have built up sufficient experience with the Dutch language in any other way, we are offering you the possibility to further enhance your language skills by joining our upcoming classes for Intermediate Students.


 Every time a Beginners Group has completed their course, there is an opportunity to join such Intermediate Group (depending on the amount of students signing up). In terms of feasibility, the required minimum is 8 students.


 Please contact our Language Course Coordinator Dais Chan for information regarding intake and starting date of our next Intermediate Course.


 Each group lesson takes 2 hours, with a coffee & tea break of 10 minutes after the 1st hour.


 Our full Intermediate Course takes 48 weeks to complete, but if you like, you can sign up for only

 1 x 12 lessons (=24 hrs), 2 x 12 (=48 hrs), 3 x 12 (=72 hrs) or for the complete course of 48 lessons (=96 hrs).


 After every round of 12 lessons, there will be a study break of one week.


 We will focus on a wide range of Dutch language skills, such as practising conversation, listening skills, sentence building, enhancing vocabulary, grammar exercises, comprehension etcetera.


 RATES: An advance payment per sequence of 12 lessons (S$ 710- for a total of 24 hours, inclusive of all teaching aids) is required. At the end of such sequence, you can sign up for the next round, if you like to continue.


 We guarantee that you can always complete your course: once an Intermediate group is running, we never shut down the classes in case the group size would ever fall below 4 students. (We regard this as our own entrepreneurial risk).


(Payments made are non-refundable and non-transferable).


Thank you for your interest in our Intermediate Courses!


Dais Chan, Language Course Coordinator (H/P 9684 0356)

One of our students dressed up in

traditional costume

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TIP 1:

if you are able to understand some Dutch, you will enjoy this random story generator. (Click once more for yet another story!)


TIP 2:

you will certainly enjoy the Klokhuis streaming video.


Het Klokhuis is an informative program for Dutch youth, covering a range of quite interesting subjects.


The presenter speaks easy-to-understand Dutch, so this is an excellent tool for Intermediate Students who are seeking immersion in the Dutch language.


Its absolutely free and great to watch! Check it out!


Please click here to view the broadcast index (video archive). Please note that this webpage is only accessible with Internet Explorer, and you will need Windows Media to watch the media files.


On the broadcast index page, you can simply select a subject of your personal interest and watch it straight away.


Have fun!

Kingsfield Education Centre, 150 Orchard Road #08-07


If you would like to have a look at our centre, kindly make an appointment prior to your visit.


Contact us : Dais Chan

(course coordinator)

Mobile: 9684 0356