Advantages at a glance:


private tuition

at the private address

of the teacher, or

at your own residence*,


Affordable rates:

only S$ 110/-

per lesson of 2 hours

(each lesson takes 2 hours)


* transportation cost

surcharges apply

in case you prefer to attend

our lessons at your own

private residence


Professional NT2 Training Courses for Naturalisation & PR (Inburgerings-Exam,

NT2 State Exam I and II )


If you aim to move from Singapore to Holland in time to come, and you would like to become either a Dutch PR or a Dutch Citizen, you can fully prepare yourself with us for every kind of specific exam you first need to pass, even with regard to exams you are going to take in The Netherlands at the moment you are there.


Many of our Asian students prefer to prepare themselves well here.



You too can plan your available time wisely,

now you are still residing in Singapore.



This is possible, because we are using exactly the same teaching aids, and we apply exactly the same NT2 teaching methods compared to our professional NT2 colleagues in The Netherlands.


For this purpose, we regularly travel to Holland, in order to stay in touch with our colleagues over there. This is important to us, because we want to evaluate all latest NT2 developments, such as new NT2 teaching aids, we organise discussions about modern educational insights and recent changes concerning Immigration & Integration procedures, like relevant amendments to Dutch Immigration Laws.


This means, that we are always using up-to-date NT2 teaching aids.


The huge benefit for you is, that whatever you have learned with us, will seamlessly connect to all NT2 courses at universities, educational institutes (like ROCs) and language schools in Holland.


From our professional point of view, we simply feel its crucial for our quality control to keep singing the same tune with other professionals in Holland at all times, so that you can rest assured that you will always be using your available time effectively in Singapore.




Take your Inburgerings-exam

right here in Singapore!




Non-Singaporeans*, who aim to obtain Dutch citizenship right here in Singapore, can still take their inburgerings-exam (see translation below this paragraph) for Naturalisation at the Dutch Embassy in Singapore, provided you have been living together with a Dutch citizen for at least 3 consecutive years (that is a strict condition for Naturalisation).


PLEASE NOTE: The Dutch government is planning to take away this possibility (of being able to take the Naturalisation exam at embassies abroad). The Dutch parliament has already approved of this plan (by majority votes), but as long as the Dutch senators have not given the go-ahead yet, this proposed amendment will not be effective. No date has been set yet for Dutch senators to look into this matter, most probably because of the current Dutch Election procedure, inclusive of the subsequent forming of a new Cabinet (new Dutch parliament). So if you aim to get a Dutch passport, it would be very wise if you would use of this last opportunity to take your Naturalisation Exam right here in Singapore.



If you take your Naturalisation Course with us (we are using the highly praised textbook Welkom in Nederland, which we will provide you with) we guarantee you will pass.



(The Dutch word Inburgering-examen means full integration exam, not to be confused with the Civic Integration Exam, which is for MVV only)


NB: If you would like to take your inburgerings-exam for the purpose of Dutch permanent residency, both Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans can only take this exam in The Netherlands. So in Singapore, you can only take your inburgerings-exam at the Dutch Embassy for the purpose of Naturalisation.




If you have been staying with a Dutch national for less than 3 years, you could consider to take the NT2 State Exam instead.


In fact, this is a great option anyway, with interesting benefits! Because, by taking this exam, you will be exempted from taking the Inburgerings-examen, and you will be entitled to receive either your Dutch passport or your Dutch permanent residence permit. (See the Useful tip below !)



Convenient and efficient!



If you will be residing in Singapore for the time being, you will find this a convenient and efficient way to prepare yourself for either Dutch permanent residence or Dutch citizenship!


* Why only for non-Singaporeans?


 Please note that the Inburgering-examen-facility at the Dutch Embassy here is not applicable to Singapore citizens, since Dutch Immigration Law doesnt allow anyone to take the Inburgering-examen in their country of origin. This specific exam (for Naturalisation) can only be taken at any Dutch Embassy outside the country of origin, or in Holland itself. Filipinos, for instance, can take their Inburgering-examen for Naturalisation right here in Singapore, no matter what kind of residence pass they are holding here.

 This is totally different for the Civic Integration Exam for MVV: Basisexamen Inburgering Buitenland, which is normally taken in the country of origin. The MVV exam cannot be taken in The Netherlands.


The Basisexamen Inburgering Buitenland (takes about 1 hour to complete) and the Inburgering-examen (takes about 4 hours to complete) are two totally different things.


(Inburgering-examen means Civic Integration Exam, not to be confused with the Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad The latter exam is a mandatory part of the MVV application procedure (meaning: getting access to The Netherlands for temporary stay only).


The Civic Integration Exam takes several hours to complete, while the Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad is much simpler, and only takes about one hour to complete. You cant apply for Dutch Permanent Residence when you have only passed your Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad! PR application is only possible when you pass either the Inburgering-examen or the NT2 State Exam (I or II) + KNM + ONA exams, after passing your Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad.




So if you prefer to take your exam in Singapore, you can only take the Naturalisation-exam at the Dutch Embassy in Singapore in case:


A. you are residing in Singapore,

B. you are not a Singapore citizen* (see remark below the line)

C. you have been living together with a Dutch citizen (outside The Netherlands) for at least 3 years (uninterrupted),

D. your aim is to obtain a Dutch passport (Naturalisation).


So your ultimate goal should be obtaining Dutch citizenship, otherwise you will not be allowed to take the Civic Integration Exam (Inburgering-examen) in Singapore.


Please do keep in mind that:


You can only sit for your Civic Integration Exam in Singapore (instead of in The Netherlands) if you satisfy all the above mentioned criteria (A,B,C and D)




 Singapore citizens can only take their Naturalisation Exam in The Netherlands, since taking this exam in the country of origin is not allowed (by Dutch law).


 Anyway, this is not so relevant to Singaporeans, since they usually prefer to become a Dutch PR instead. Singaporeans normally dont want to give up their Singapore citizenship. They know very well that, once they have given up their Singapore citizenship, it is unlikely that they will ever get it back.




NB: the NT2 State Exam I and II and the Civic Integration Exam for Singapore citizens must always be taken in The Netherlands.




Whether you will be taking any of the specific exams (mentioned below) in Singapore or elsewhere, we are here to help you to fully prepare yourself.


Please note that even if you would only take a partial course with us, it would be a smart (efficient) decision, since we are following exactly the same curriculum (we are using the same teaching aids as well). like all professional Education Centers and specialised Dutch Language Training Institutes do.


Our professional NT2 courses seamlessly connect to all NT2 courses in The Netherlands.


Learn Dutch in Singapore on a one-to-one basis, with the help of an experienced, professional NT2 teacher! Whatever you learn here, you do not need to learn again in The Netherlands. Therefore, it would be very efficient for you, since you can fully utilise your available time in Singapore in order to start learning Dutch in a relevant way, now you are still waiting for your partner to return to The Netherlands together with you.



Each private lessons takes 2 hours.


A private arrangement is a good option in case you prefer a professional, tailor-made Dutch language course, catering to your very own preferences and personal goals, such as:




(1) Learning Dutch from scratch

(in accordance with your very own requirements and desired pace).



(2) Enhancing your current Dutch language skills.




(3) Naturalisation test (Dutch Passport / Citizenship)

or full preparation for your

Dutch Civic Integration Exam (Permanent Residence)




First of all, since there is usually a lot of misunderstanding,

it is good to know the difference between:


1. Civic Integration Exam (Inburgering-examen)

2. Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad (Basisexamen Inburgering Buitenland)

3. Naturalisation Test (Naturalisatietoets)

4. NT2 State Exam I (NT2 Staatsexamen I)

5. NT2 State Exam II (NT2 Staatsexamen II)


And to know (for each one of them) :


 where you need to register,

 how much you need to pay,

 to whom you need to pay,

 in which country you need to take the specific exam, and

 when you can sit for your exam,

 the exact exam locations

 validity of the exam / expiry dates

 where you find more information on the internet (links)



Please be informed that we offer professional courses for all 5 different types of exams as mentioned above




Rates for all types of private lessons:


S$ 110/- per lesson of 2 hours.


please take note of our terms & conditions (click here) regarding private lessons


Please call our language course coordinator Dais Chan at 9684 0356 for further enquiries and/or enrolment.


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